Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I have been honored to serve on the Piedmont Board of Education for the past four years, and I hope the citizens of Piedmont will support me and elect me for second term.

This is an exciting time in education, and I believe our public schools serve the children of Piedmont better now than they did five years ago. We have earned top academic rankings while focusing on the whole child and nurturing curiosity and love-of-learning in our students. Nonetheless, PUSD faces many challenges that will require thoughtful consideration and require all stakeholders to work collaboratively to ensure well-informed decisions regarding the allocation of scarce resources.

My husband, Evan Seevak, and I have three children who are so grateful for the Piedmont schools. They and their classmates have benefitted from great teachers who use innovative instructional strategies, such as differentiated teaching, and make the curriculum relevant and engaging. My children have enjoyed participating in a wide range of extracurricular activities at school, such as community service, athletics, journalism and the creative arts (acting, a cappella, instrumental music, studio art and ceramics). Our eldest just graduated from Piedmont High, and it is heartwarming to look at her classmates and see that these thirteen years in the Piedmont schools truly produce thoughtful, curious, creative and caring individuals who value community and service. I am optimistic that our graduates will become engaged global citizens.

I enjoy serving on the Board, and I believe that I can provide strong leadership in the next term. I have a proven record of working well with all stakeholders. I ask tough questions, research best practices, and insist that we get follow-up whenever we approve a program change. Our children’s educational experience is directly related to the quality of teaching, and I support rigorous hiring practices and on-going attention to teacher training and evaluation. I have a K-12 perspective, and I embrace an attitude of continual improvement. I want to ensure that PUSD continues to provide an excellent education to all of our students.

I am grateful to live in a community where people work together to make Piedmont a special place, and I am honored to serve on the Board of Education. I hope to be re-elected for a second term to keep the focus of the Board on providing the best possible public education for all the children of Piedmont.


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